We have Specialised in Cinema and Corporate Action Sports Production for over 30 years…

Highly experienced in shooting in extreme situations and hostile environments, the “Thierry Donard Films” production and editing crew is composed of around thirty people. They know best how to capture the athletes’ performance after years of the right kind of practice. Being highly mobile and adapting to various climactic and meteorological fluctuations are prerequisites to capturing the right moment in the right way. The film crew has honed great awareness in unpredictable, difficult environments, whether it be high in the mountains or deep under water. Cohesive and solid, they film at the heart of the action, helping these athletes to truly share their experiences with viewers.

Thierry Donard – Film Director

“My passion for filmmaking has never faltered. “La Nuit de la Glisse” was started by a group of skier and surfer friends, the title first came out in 1984. I’ve always tried to convey to the audience what the athletes feel, to give an insight into the personalities of the men and women who are so passionate about their discipline and to capture their deepest emotions when living in the moment. Highlighting their ecological outlook and community-based life is also important to me so including this human aspect is essential to my films. This is maybe the reason why they have been so successful.”

Production Equipment 

Since 2015 Thierry Donard Films has entered into a close collaboration with SONY Professional Europe and SONY Consumer providing access to a complete range of cameras offering the best technology: F55, FS7, FS5, AS7, A7R and Sony Action Cameras... each offering native 4K.

Thierry Donard's preference: the PXW-FS7, a compact yet very efficient camera that supports the most difficult filming conditions. With this camera you can put four lenses, plus the camera and battery in your backpack for the day.

Zeiss is also official partner of Thierry Donard Films, providing access to a wide range of lenses considerer by many filmmakers as the best technology on the market.